GDocBackup is no longer actively developed nor maintained.
So there will be no support, fixes or updates. Sorry.

If interested in source code, it will remain available at

### OLD WEB SITE ###

Google Docs™  backup utility

GDocBackup is simple utility to backup (export) all your documents from Google Docs™ to local disk. It's open source, freeware and licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0  It does a simple backup: for each document in Google Docs, it downloads the document if the document is not present on the local disk or if it has a different date.
GDocBackup runs on Windows (tested on XP, Vista and 7), Linux (tested on Ubuntu 8.10 and OpenSuse 11.1) and Mac (tested on OS X 10.5.6). Required .NET or Mono.

IMPORTANT: GDocBackup uses  the official Google Data APIs (.NET version). So the quality, accuracy and correctness of the exported files is out of the control of GDocBackup. If you encounter problems in the exported documents (i.e. the exported doc is not similar to the original on Google Docs), contact Google Docs support forum. 

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